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Sacred Places Need Our Kay-yah!

Papahānaumokuākea Song and Coloring Book Project


Song Purpose


To help people learn the name and important aspects of Papahānaumokuākea, the Northwest Hawaiian Islands and surrounding ocean area recently dedicated as a Marine National Monument.

The name acknowledges the union of the Hawaiian entities Papa (Earth mother) and Wākea (sky father) who birthed the Hawaiian Islands.


The name is somewhat long and takes effort to remember, especially for people who don't speak Hawaiian. The initial goal of this song project is to help people to learn and remember the name after hearing the song for the first time.


We can help make it easy to learn and remember with a catchy song. The song is geared for children but meant for adults as well.


A coloring book can illustrate the information with the song as its text. The song and coloring book text can be written in English and ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i (Hawaiian Language).

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Our mission

To spread the aloha for Papahānaumokuākea that will help to protect and preserve it.


Press Release

Download our project info document.


See our video


Download the Free Papahānaumokuākea Song Coloring Book

The Papahānaumokuākea Coloring Book is a Work In Progress. Here are the initial coloring book pages and more are coming as we illustrate the long version of the song that includes the atolls. Feel Free to share it, print it, sing it, and use it to teach and enjoy.

Papa Color Book Cover small V8.jpg

Download individual pages of the Papahānaumokuākea Coloring Book below:

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