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Painting Nature Art Instruction DVD

Learn how Hawaiʻi’s Nature Artist Patrick Ching creates his intricate paintings.


Included are 6 hours of learning on a two-disc DVD set that includes Patrick’s artistic history and philosophy, painting processes, a follow along painting of Kalalau Lookout, and actual painting workshops and testimonials.


Each of the subjects on the 26 painting videos contain valuable lessons. They are all self-contained follow-along videos, complete with an introduction to bring any painter up to speed. The paintings are presented in a strategic sequence that builds upon the lessons learned in the previous painting videos.


The painting lessons include Skies, Oceans, Rainbows, Sunsets, Moonlight, Waterfalls, Fish, Whales, Palm trees, Birds, Horses and Turtles.



International orders will have added postage that will be reported to buyers for approval. International shipping is typically two to three times normal shipping.

Painting Nature Art Instruction DVD

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